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On a friend’s recommendation I started using the CELLMAX – Redefining facial serum from Adore Cosmetics since the last one month. The reduction in the fine lines is visible and with every application I can actually see more prominent results.
Nail Care
One of my friends was (and still is) a regular customer of Adore Cosmetics. On her recommendation I purchased the Ultra Repair Nail Kit and I am surprised how instantly the product worked on my hands to give me smoother hands and fuller and beautiful nails.
I used to think that Adore Cosmetics is all about eye care and anti aging but lately did I realize that it has an amazing nail care range too. I have tried everything from their buffer, cuticle oil, filer, nail pusher to the kit and I am totally in love with the product.
Body Peeling
Last week I bought the body peeling scrub from Adore Cosmetics and I must say the product does wonders. I bought the scrub especially after I discovered that it works on an anti ageing formula and yes the product delivers what it promises. Lately I realized that the skin around my knees and elbows have started to develop dark spots. I applied the calming body spirit scrub from Adore Cosmetics and I can see the difference myself now. I recommend it to everyone who wants a beautiful and healthy skin.
Anti Aging
I have been looking for a skin care line that could address all my skin concerns effectively and I am glad I found Adore Cosmetics. I love their entire anti aging collection right from the facial cream, serum, eye cream to the peeling gel. Finally I have something that I can afford and that can give me the best results. Thanks Adore.
I have been using the products of Adore Cosmetics for the last 6 months now and there has not been a single time when I felt that I am spending way too much on the cosmetics. This is because I could see visible results in my skin within weeks. Adore has given me and my husband some of the best anti aging products and I am happy that now I do not have to use anything else on my skin.
Neck And Facial Treatments
My skin had become dull and dark due to excessive sun exposure. When I tried the facial peeling gel from Adore I had no idea it will give such instant results. My face looks brighter, cleaner and fresher now. Thank you Adore Cosmetics for giving me the healthy texture of my skin back.
Eye Care
Last year when a friend recommended me to use the products of Adore Cosmetics, I was not quite sure about it. And now I simply cannot use any other brand except Adore. I started with the facial cream and now I have a complete collection of Adore’s eye cream, face mask, eye serum and not to forget the nourishing body lotion.
In the last 6 months I have begun noticing fine lines below my eyes and used a number of anti wrinkle products but in vain. One of my friends recommended me to try Adore’s advanced firming eye cream and since then I am in love with this product. There has not only been reduction in the fine lines but my skin now looks healthier and younger. I recommend Adore Cosmetics to all those people out there who like me are tired of trying the multifarious anti ageing products.
Last week I bought the nourishing hand and body lotion from Adore Cosmetics and I must say my hands feel hydrated even after hours of application. Moreover, it has an intoxicating smell that lingers for a longer time making me feel fresh the whole day.
Until now all the hand and body lotions I have been applying lost effect after a few hours. But I am glad I found Adore Cosmetics. The body lotion is so smooth and rich that you can actually feel the difference. The best thing is that I don’t have to re-apply the lotion in every couple of hours.

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Not Customer Friendly

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I felt rushed to buy a product for my sister that I knew nothing about and doing research she said I should had not bothered. The discount price is £35 and in total the actual cost should be £10, this nail kit online you advertise is for £150. It says I am not entitled for a refund and this is a learning and I bet you probably won't leave this review on your site. SITE LOCATION Birmingham, UK Bullring by a manager called Shira.


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My partner uses these products. He looks amazing so it has to work.

Face peeling gel

5 5 1
I first saw these products when it was on dr oz. it looked interesting and I tried the face peeling gel and now I love it!