Adore Cosmetics Customer Service – A Beauty Company That Delivers the Best Customer Service

Not many beauty companies offer fantastic customer service these days. If you have never tried Adore Cosmetics, you will be happy to know that they have some great products and also deliver the best customer service. Whenever you shop online, you will notice that Adore Cosmetics Customer Service will do everything in their power to help you. For example, one woman had ordered a face firming product called Adore Skin Tightening Face Lift. This was developed by a doctor who had been in the industry for over 25 years, specializing in non-surgical face lifts. The product is so amazing that it produces instant results thanks to fruit cells within the ingredients. The woman who had ordered this product actually wanted the Golden Touch 24k Techno-Dermis Facial Mask but by mistake, she added the other product to her check out basket. Although this was a mistake on her end, Adore Cosmetics customer service was happy to trade her with the product as long as shipped back the first one that had been sent. You see, this is one of the reasons why so many people prefer Adore Cosmetics over other cosmetic companies.

If you visit the customer service page of their website, it is neatly organized into sections. For example, you have information on orders, shipping, returns, promotions and even an option to update your account. Perhaps you have had trouble in the past when ordering from other businesses, but this surely won’t happen with this company. In case you do have any issues, they are right there to help you.

Adore Cosmetics Customer Service Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the customer service page within the official Adore Cosmetics website.

Safety of Products

Discussed in their customer service page, you’ll notice that all of their products are in compliance with the FDA, meaning that anything you order is safe to use on your skin. Every single cosmetic developed has also been reviewed by toxicologists, physicians, and clinicians.

Shipping and Delivery

Every cosmetic is eligible for tracking via FedEx or UPS. Keep in mind this is only for customers located within the USA.

Returns and Replacements

You can return any product you have ordered, as long as it is in the original packaging. It must be returned within 14 days. One of the reasons why customer service is so great is because you can return any product without question whatsoever.

Contacting Adore Cosmetics Customer Service

Reaching out to this company is so simple that you would be surprised. They have not only listed their e-mail, but they also include a physical mailing address, which is located in Miami Beach, Florida. If you prefer calling them at their toll-free number, they have that number listed right on the customer service page of the website.

As you can see, this company doesn’t just offer great products. Adore Cosmetics goes above and beyond to please their customers.

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