Adore Organic Innovation has introduced the Adore golden mask: Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask. This mask presents a unique combination of age-defying stem cells and pure gold power. The best advantage is that these bring renewed beauty and incomparable health benefits to the skin.


It initiates with highly refined magnetic powder and 24 Karat gold sprinkles that will be visible such that you can work in harmony to repair the connection of broken cells.  Pure gold makes the golden mask more receptive, especially as it penetrates at the keratin level of the skin.


The inclusion of gold is to restore elasticity and to diminish the sun damage. It also slows down the melanin secretion, while there is an increase in the refined magnetic powder. Thus, oxygen and nutrients help the skin. The Adore golden mask is the best anti-aging product that helps in regenerating healthy texture, besides safeguards the stem cells. The other inclusions are all organic such that it has sweet almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera and so on to hydrate skin, give it radiance and elasticity. Above all a powerful antioxidant is Vitamin E is added to combat free radicals and to fresh the appearance of the skin. Your skin shines and presents enhanced suppleness.


Important Facts


On a daily basis, hydrating your skin is a must and keeping it moisturized helps in anti-aging. Properly hydrated skin does not show signs of aging, such as deep creases or surface lines. Now, the Adore golden mask will help you hydrate your skin deeply and prevent the common signs of aging in the skin. This is suitable for people with dehydrated complexions and even for dry skin.


Product Details


The Adore golden mask is a special treatment that can be used twice per week. The product is applied easily to the neck and face and leaving it for few minutes is enough. The golden mask treatment is not like other face masks. This is unique as it does not work to reduce oil from your face or to tighten skin. Instead it helps the softening of wrinkles and facial lines.


The Good

  • Complete list of ingredients is provided
  • Natural and organic ingredients are used and concentration is to hydrate the skin


Why go for Adore products?


Adore Organic Innovation is the only source to protect your body from the commercial brands using harmful ingredients. You may check the organic products, especially the skin care products. Our company, Adore concentrates on your health and so adheres to organic ingredients. However, any product you buy for your skin must be nailed into the habit of going through product labels. Concentrate on the labels and try to decipher the listed ingredients that constitutes to majority of the product.

Referring to anti-aging products, you certainly have many choices. However, the Adore golden mask is suitable for all the types of skin. This mask offers the best skin hydration such that people may truly need it with time or whenever essential. However, do not replace this mask for your night or daily moisturizer.

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30 !!!!!

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I turned 30 and my skin felt like it turned a lot older. I was walking around the mall and noticed a new store called Adore Cosmetics. I purchased a new skin line and it made me feel in heaven. Soft skin hello! Bye-bye wrinkles! Thank you Adore!

Best Eye Serum

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I am in love with your Advanced Firming Eye Serum. It goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin quickly. I think it makes my eyes look brighter and less puffy. I would recommend this for anyone that wants to improve the appearance of the eye area. Quality product.

Great product

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Love these products so much. They are a must try.