Adore cosmetics did it again! By introducing Adore Cosmetics gold mask, you can have easy access to a very exclusive mask, which comes with anti-aging benefits, as well as a perfect blend of pure gold, magnetic healing power, and of course, tested age-defying plant stem cells that can provide you with unparalleled renewed beauty and overall health.

Adore Cosmetics Gold Mask Features

The Adore cosmetics gold mask Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask presents a unique blend of visible 24k gold sprinkles combined with highly refined magnetic powder, which works in harmony together in order to help in repairing damaged cellular connections. Pure gold works in penetrating skin at a deeper, keratin level, allowing it to receive the power of the magnetic powder, working towards speeding up the production of ATP, a certain molecule that works by stimulating electromagnetic energy flow via acupuncture meridians.

Gold is also known to restore elasticity, thus reducing any signs and appearance of damaged caused by sun exposure. It does so by slowing down the secretion of melanin. At the same time, refined magnetic powder wonderfully works by increasing cellular regeneration by introducing more nutrients and oxygen into the skin.

The power introduced by this anti-aging combination is also amplified with Adore’s exclusive plant stem cell formulation, which restores a younger-looking appearance by means of providing protection to your skin’s stem cells. This also results to these cells regenerating a healthy, overall texture.

The formulation is also enhanced with a very special moisturizing blend of sweet almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera, which works wonders in hydrating skin, giving it radiance and elasticity. It also comes equipped with Vitamin E, a very powerful antioxidant, which works in fighting free radicals, as well as air pollution, thus working by fresh the appearance of skin.

In each use of the adore cosmetics gold mask, you can definitely expect that your skin will shine naturally, showing natural warming tones, increased luminosity and enhanced suppleness. This output can only be made visible, thanks to the exclusive plant stem cell formulation introduced by Adore.

How to Use

In order to achieve best results, adore cosmetics gold mask can be applied on a thoroughly dry and cleansed face and neck area. You may want to use a spatula to spread the mask layer on your face, excluding the eye area. Allow the mask to set for seven minutes. With the use of the tissue wrapped magnetic bar, remove the mask over your face. This will reveal a thin gold layer. Massage gently the nutrients to your skin in circular motion. Afterwards, you can cleanse your face using Adore essence facial milk. The effect of using the mask will be visible for up to 10 hours even after removal. For best results, this can be applied twice a week.


Adore Cosmetics Gold Mask



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